Zurich, Switzerland

 Literally not kidding at all but the non-stop direct flight to Zurich International airport by Swissair was the most enjoyable flight I have ever taken, better than Singapore airlines and Qatar Airways lmao but anyways this is the adventure I had.

Literally nothing of interest happened on Day 1, just some exploration of the Zurich Hauptbahnhof and going to the Landesmuseum which had a bunch of exhibitions on the 1984 October Revolution. Cool stuff am I right. Oh and we discovered this Chinese takeaway that cooks better Chinese food than majority of the Chinese restaurants back home. 10/10 will recommend, its on TripAdvisor Zurich.

Interlaken, Switzerland

After Day 1 of Switzerland we took a flight to Rome as it was Josh’s(My brother) plan to go to Rome even though I didn’t really like going especially with my Dad’s descriptive story on how he and my Mum got robbed in broad daylight lmao I mean what a way to discourage me -_-

Then we went back to Zurich for another night before heading to the little ski base town of Interlaken

Going through intercity train to a bunch of towns before arriving at Interlaken Ost, one can see through my Instagram page how beautiful the scenery was as the train passed by a massive lake with the backdrop of a colossal standalone mountain that stood up above all else. Majestic and magical. Other than the Hauptbahnhof and the hostel being overcrowded with Korean and Chinese nationals I realized the entire town is a tourist trap. Branded watch brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, IWC and even Breitling lined the streets beside an open field and honestly it felt like a shopper’s paradise, only if everything wasn’t twice as expensive than that back in Zurich(fml like its too damn expensive I can’t emphasize enough). Weather that followed up the few days were gloomy and rainy, honestly felt like London all over again. We went to the ski school in Grindelwald where witnessing avalanches occur every hour was pretty awesome, skiing was much fun and certainly would ski again in the future.

 Jungfrau, Switzerland

Being at 13,642 ft in the air can be painful. Headaches, loss of breath and your heart can beat really REALLY FAST. Pressure difference and even strong winds can throw one off balance if one were to go upon the observatory deck. I mean, I enjoyed the sandwiches from the cafe and I bought a really adorable teddy bear for myself but ended up giving it to someone else and it was -25 degrees centigrade at Jungfraujoch. Pretty cool, if you know what I’m saying 😉

It really was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. The vast whiteness of snow seemed endless beyond the boundaries of my vision alongside strong headwinds blowing up loose sand-like snow in a desert, that is, a white desert. Snow covering rock faces like loose ice frosting on a cake beneath mountains with snow-capped peaks. Pine trees the color of stale parsley spring up from the snowy grounds like a curved nail bed in the valley below the tram I was on. Passing by thick layers of snow that covered grass and trees like a semi-sunken ship in the ocean.

As we further progressed down the mountain to get back to the main train station, melting snow turned the grass into a shade of tiramisu as mud seeped into the water from the liquidating slush. The sun shone upon the trees in the valley like the light flooding my room in the morning whenever I withdrew the curtains, exposing even the smallest of spaces to a candlelight of hope that illuminates the darkness beneath.

The trip in a whole was a guiding light of hope, hope that I’m able to forgive and forget the past I once withheld in the palm of my hand. I wish I could change myself, outperform my abilities, be a better man. Now, that’s too late to say isn’t it?

Move on. Keep moving forward.



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