“Puppy Love”

As much as a relationship in this age really seems to be all “puppy love”(I thank my previous English teacher for such a term), it honestly is. Being in one as of this age taught me much, actually too much. Giving in and wanting more, hugs and kisses, just too mushy(Ugh, the cheesiness). I can’t believe I messed it all up, it seemed too perfect to last forever. I always look back and wonder, how did I not see this coming? This is where I realized I was very wrong.

After much analysis, I discovered for myself a relation between “Puppy Love” and Economics, all too simple for myself.

With full consideration of two graphs, a supply curve and a demand curve, two correlations occur. As one proceeds on the x-axis(Quantity), the former(Supply) ascending towards the North(upwards y-axis, Price), whereas the latter(Demand) descending towards the x-axis in a severely uncomfortable fashion(too uniform?). As I took an Economics class during my term break, it became too surreal to think about it now. With either party giving in and wanting more, the correlations begin.

Take price as ‘Unhappiness index’ and quantity as ‘amount of love/care’, bring them together and you get the following:

  • Too much supply(giving in) = Unhappy
  • Too much demand(wanting more) = Happy

Calling bullshit? Don’t worry, whilst writing this I actually hesitated and pondered on whether this really and honestly makes sense. Yes, it does. I’ve been in a relationship before and this is what honestly occurred(No bad feelings to her, I bet she most probably felt the same way too). I had a different experience I guess, I mean the timing was all wrong, it was my final year in Secondary school and the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations was all important and shit I can’t believe I made it fall apart. Really, really, REALLY bad timing.

However, when both curves coincide and reach a total equilibrium, you get this instead:

  • Equal supply and demand = Balance of happiness and unhappiness

Boom. Mind blown. Wait, what does that mean then? This is what I would call, or many other would call, Realistic Love. When both parties have the most REALISTIC mindset between each other, wanting to maintain a healthy relationship and ensuring that both the individual and his or her partner benefits, with the only negative side effect being you can’t hang out too often with your bros anymore.

{A section here was edited off as I felt it was too uncanny and useless to write}

As much of these information seems very uncanny and messy, I will just break it down into the following sentences:

  1. Give each other enough love and care, don’t overload it, same way a salad layered with too much mayonnaise dressing doesn’t make the salad healthy any more.
  2. Listen out to each other’s stresses and struggles, that way it won’t just be one person undergoing the problem, but the minds of two people working together as one.
  3. Texting is really retarded, talking face to face will seem awkward ONLY if you text each other often.
  4. Be there when your partner needs you, same way the other partner being there when you need him or her.
  5. Remember, its never just about you only. Both parties are all in it together.

Slice of advice, be it you have been or haven’t been in a relationship. Even after a break-up, both parties cannot be enemies, for they had been in love. Even after a break-up, both parties cannot be friends, for they had hurt each other. In the end, they become two strangers who know each other so much. Hence, the only way out is for both parties to either reconcile their relationship, or never meet each other again, ever again.

Anyways, thank you anonymous reader who took time off your own precious life to read through my first mini-article! If you have any feedback you wish to tell me, do direct message me on Instagram or add me on Facebook to let me know! Have a wonderful day!



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