Adapt, change. Adapt, change. Renewed

Having completed my analysis on my classmates, seeing and understanding their emotions, reactions, ideology so on so forth, I foresee a future that will be fortunate, that is if the people I predict to cause destruction go against my prophecy and do what is necessary for not just the well-being of themselves but for the individuals around them.

It does change perspectives when one stirs up mysterious and unfriendly auras surrounding others, perhaps oneself as well. I do wish to discover my boundaries, at times surpass them, however it will not be ideal for many due to their sensitive nature. I dare not to take risks. I dare NOT.

I have to let it all go. Not just her, my past, my mistakes, learned. My fears, my predictability. Life has to hit me head on. That way I can learn, I can find myself. Who I truly am.

The new environment I need to adjust. They have formed smaller divisions as if dividing themselves to be more conscious and closer to each other, but only to those in their respective decisions. I’ve not grasped the meaning of them, how can it benefit their well-being? It only brings rumor and hatred among the rest of them. Please come back to who you all were. Individuality does not solve happiness, it solves disaster and crisis which soon I foresee as an imminent and resolvable collapse of social and emotional behavior for the class. It will soon be an apocalyptic end. Groups of people as a whole like how communists go about.

I’m sorry. Its too late. I missed the times. I’ve given up.

Leave, leave while you can.

Over the rainbow will one see true light.

Volatility will end the world. Cataclysm.

Emotional breakdown.

Yes, it sounds unreal.

Oh how the world has changed.

Unity, the only antidote to this cancerous bug that is spreading throughout the room.


Money is the only way to succeed, it also is the root of all evil.



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