SPR 28/03/2017


DISCLAIMER: All of the following are simulated in present day environment

Market value(USD): $1,063,358.25

Total stock bought: $1,466,694.60

Total stock shorted: $467,143.34

Long stocks:

Apple Inc. (AAPL)


Dates of Transactions: 31/01/2017, 8/03/2017

Qty/Purchase Price: 6,706/$131.72


As of NYSE market closure @0400hrs 28/03/2017

Purchase/Market: $800,330.72/$855,986.88

Total gain/loss: +$55,627.12(6.95%)


A well sought out buy, one must pay close attention to detail and even the smallest of rumor. Only then can one be able to make good profits. iPhone 8, earnings and any latest product will boost sales.

Final verdict: Buy

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(AMD)

Date of Transaction: 1/02/2017

Qty/Purchase Price: 7,000/$11.90

(Sold 2,278 stock on 22/03/2017 at $13.90, profit $4,556)

As of NYSE market closure @0400hrs 28/03/2017

Purchase/Market: $83,300.00/$95,900.00

Total gain/loss: +$12,614.00(15.15%))


Impulse buy turned out to be a profitable opportunity. Balance sheet, income statement all in good order, earnings and business plan displays the company’s future in good hands. Alongside the fact that many consumers(aka gamers) are looking to AMD core processors and chips instead of Intel therefore shows the company’s profitability. Although, AMD still has a long way to go in its journey to be in the top.

Final verdict: Buy/Hold

Walt Disney Company(DIS)

Date of Transaction: 10/02/2017

Qty/Purchase Price: 2,447/$109.00

As of NYSE market closure @0400hrs 28/03/2017

Purchase/Market: $266,723.00/$274,993.86

Total gain/loss: +$8,270.86(3.10%)


Disney was a stock I foresaw a future in it. Movies that came out such as Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and in the future Cars 3, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars. Now awaiting upon earnings release date to see what will be the next step. Offload all, or buy more? There is a future in this stock, no regrets buying it.

Final verdict: Buy/Hold 

Alphabet Inc. Class A(GOOGL)

Date of Transaction: 21/03/2017

Qty/ Purchase Price: 286/$850.28

As of NYSE market closure @0400hrs 28/03/2017

Purchase/Market: $243,180.08/$239,813.86

Total gain/loss: -$3,366.22(-1.38%)


Had a lot of trouble with Google ever since a pitfall from Trump’s antics, but I had other plans. I overlooked the fact that there is still volatility since Trump’s inauguration, and seeing Google having a massive avalanche I thought the downfall would stop in just one day. Nope, recovery takes a lot of time and now one should either wait for the price to continue tumbling or set a limit at  targets of either $830.00 or $820.00. My advice, at the same time one may ask why buy? The answer is simple. Google releasing Pixel, test driving Waymo and all the products it has, why will they not be profitable? There is most certainly a future in Google.

Final verdict: Buy/Hold

Short Stocks:

Sears Holdings Corporation(SHLD)

Dates of Transactions: 10/2/2017(2), 21/3/2017

Qty/Purchase Price: 49,538/$8.36

As of NYSE market closure @0400hrs 28/3/2017

Purchase/Market: $414,331.20/$467,143.34

Total gain/loss: -$52,812.15(-12.75%)


Sears is a cancer to humanity. There’s no positive outlook to the company, future regarding profitable business in the retail giant seems so bleak ever since its cutting of Kmart and Sears stores all over the United States, even people offloaded assets to prevent losses. I took advantage of the situation and dropped almost 50,000 shorts on the company’s stock. It’s unbelievable, what the heck is going on with this company? There seems to be a inverse correlation between the company’s shares and the entirety of benchmarks like the Dow 30 or even the S&P 500. Stocks open lower, this company’s shares skyrocket 10%. After much deliberation with the company’s uncertain future, balance sheets and overwhelming losses, I have decided to hold the 49,538 shorts I have until there can be a sure win-win profit out of the wait. Cancerous.

Final verdict: Hold/Sell/Cover


…..:End of report:…..



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