Actions, not words.

After more than close to six months, I decided that I should really REALLY move on from the past. I can’t believe I lingered so long in there and now I sit in my room wondering how the heck I survived that. I always kept telling myself and everyone else around me the same exact few words.

“Yeah I got it, I’m moving on.”

I imagined it to be impossible or even just overly difficult to step out of this “broken boundary” I was “locked” in, turns out it was a tiny surrounding fence the height of my ankles and I needed to do was to lift up my legs and step over it. It was because of my constant will to hold back that I ruined my own holiday to Switzerland and Italy. Fuck.

Like the saying goes, actions are stronger than words. I can just say “I’m over it” but if I still think about the past and the memories I had with the person, that’s not moving on at all. I held back and now I am faced with the truth that I feared to confront after all that I’ve gone through, the fear to move on.


Moving on, I guess I decided to make a few changes to my blog. I will be discontinuing my project “Contemplation of relationships(with analysis)” as writing it will most likely result in the requirement of my mind having to recount the memories I had, which after all this while I regret away(what the heck I said move on you douche).

My parents had planned out a trip to South-Western Europe so as to “revive” their honeymoon back and I’m going to publish the adventure on a new project so stay tuned to the Instagram Stories or Snapchat for updates! Appreciate those who really take the time to read through my blog posts as I put in a lot of effort to type out all of the blogs in the dead of night and I always get hungry doing so hence thank you!

{I’m not sure whether I would be motivated enough to write the next post tomorrow so we’ll have to see about that}

For now, its a goodnight from me.



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