Moving on.

The previous year being a total scumbag to me, I realized the only way I was able to progress through 2016 is by carrying on with life. Not only did the years 2015 and 2016 took on the lives of celebrities, the years also took away my grandparents on the same exact day. Call it tragedy, but I regard it as a life lesson and a stepping stone. Life lesson? Yes, showing how the lives of us as individuals are short and precious, showing that nobody truly lives forever, showing that everyone will someday leave this treacherous and wretched world behind taking with them absolutely nothing except their own souls(or memories, only those who watch 도깨비 would know hehe). Stepping stone in a sense that I knew life had to carry on, even if they could or could not see me in the afterlife, I would know that do not wish to see their own family members in heavy mourning, for growing up alongside them I knew how they cared for each and everyone around them. I had to carry on, they did not want me to be affected for my end-of-year examinations and ‘O’ Levels. I had to move on.

I thank the lord for his gracefulness to let them go. Two amazing individuals who have transformed not only the lives of my parents but the lives of literally everyone around them, from neighbors to even the wet market shop keepers. They have always been there for all of us, I guess its time for the lord to receive them, for the lord to recall them to his haven, for the lord to reward them the treasures they deserve for their next life.

Although it does seem that our grandparents do have a short period of time left on Earth and there isn’t much surprise when the Lord may suddenly take them, for a person so wonderful I would never have known to ever separate from me seems to have indeed departed for good(Not talking about death mind you, I’m not some sadistic Grim Reaper, although I would like to be one).

{Part continued in “Puppy Love”, to be released on 25 February}

I have decided to let another part of my life go, at least in the meantime. My broken and massive laptop seems to be ending its life soon, I came to the conclusion a few weeks before that the only method of extending its existence on the internet is to completely obliterate all sources of games on the laptop. I guess the only way of gaming is through a LAN in Bugis. However, if I were to get a replacement for this piece of shit I’m typing on, I will most likely not get a gaming laptop, maybe a MacBook or if I really am blessed on that day a Razer Blade. My aim for now is to pursue the meaning of life and learning upon the principles of what I will most likely learn in my first term of Polytechnic.

Today’s entry will end here.

(Side note: I have a new project starting up on relationships and what I’ve discovered so far in the past 17 years of my life, and these journals will be released at random.)

(So stay tuned y’all pricks)



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