Day One, technically zero but whatever.

This was an idea that came out of nowhere, with special thanks to my boy Scott for telling me where to write a decent blog. Anyways, starting off on a good note, let me throw out a small introduction. 17, interests in investing, job in a tourist attraction, plays video games and only goes out of the house only when there are important duties to attend to. I have succumbed to researching and reading with absolute attempt to occupy my empty mind with useful sources of information in due course of my education in a polytechnic.

With the previous years of my life ridden with strife and failure, I have learnt hundreds of valuable lessons about the people I meet and have met, the things I should and should not say, I wanted change but I guess I myself needed to change. I took the perfect things in life for granted, things that I thought would never leave or cease to exist turned out otherwise. After much deliberation, I knew the problem started with “thought”. Never will I throw out thoughts, but instead live life the way I always wanted it to be. I can’t believe I actually lied most of my way through both Primary and Secondary school, thinking back made me laugh at how retarded I was throughout those years. Still, I live with the regret that I lost the opportunities to retain good friends into this next phase of my life.

Whatever that continues the following few days will consist of mostly how I’m usually coping with life, the feelings and emotions I experience and the pondering questions I sometimes come across in my mind.

For now, the night ends here.



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